Karen Hanover Executive producer & CEO

Karen Hanover Executive Producer is the CEO of Karen Hanover TV Productions. Karen’s company specializes in reality TV.

Formerly, Ms. Hanover built a real estate empire and is now pursuing TV production.  A veteran to vicious competition, Karen’s favorite saying for anyone who has experienced failure is:

“The setback is the setup for the comeback!”

A lover of sports and being outdoors, Karen enjoys golf, tennis, cooking, paragliding, hang gliding, scuba diving, water sports and travel.

Karen Hanover golf
Karen Hanover’s favorite golf course

Karen Hanover Executive Producer – Majority Rules You Be The Judge!

Karen Hanover Executive Producer will produce a new reality based courtroom TV show called Majority Rules You Be the Judge!

Majority Rules You Be the Judge Features a Felon Judge

Unlike other reality courtroom shows, Majority Rules will feature a felon Judge instead of a trained professional. Most TV judges are either retired judges or have been in law enforcement.  Majority Rules You Be the Judge will have a judge who has been convicted of a felony.  Like other courtroom reality TV shows, this judge will serve as an arbitrator. Both the plaintiff and defendant will sign contracts to make the arbitrator Judge’s decision binding.

Majority Rules You Be the Judge allows home viewers to vote like a jury

Additionally, Majority Rules will offer a big twist allowing home viewers to vote on the outcome of the show like a jury. Viewers of the show will be able to cast votes by telephone, Twitter or online for either the plaintiff or the defendant. The Judge will then rule in favor of the party with the most votes.

Karen Hanover Executive Producer – Gourmaniac

Karen Hanover will produce Gourmaniac, a reality food TV show which will feature everyday, quick, gourmet recipes the average family can whip up in minutes.  A gourmaniac herself, Karen loves cooking and has been taking cooking classes to become a trained chef since for over 30 years!